Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bird Nest

This bird nest is on our front porch. We were kinda concerned when we noticed it that we would scare them off to much for them to lay eggs and raise babies. But here's some pictures to prove us wrong! Just today (3rd) I've heard the babies make noise for the first time. I'll continue to update this post as the babies get bigger.

According to the info we read about the house finch this may not be our only set of eggs this year! Here's a picture of generally what our parents look like. And here's the best site I've found for the other info.

April 15th and 20th

May 2nd

May 3rd

May 9th ~ Babies and Angry Daddy

May 11th

May 18th
We thought after our trip the baby birds would have been gone, flew away. According to what I read they should have been gone! But boy were we surprised when we got home and took a look... There they were busting out of the nest!!


  1. Aaaaw - they're so cute! We're both bird parents.

  2. Anonymous4:45 PM

    the first of the season outside my window was 5 baby finches. they grew and left the nest and now the parents decided to have 4 more. the other day we had alot of heavy winds and the crows were out trying to scavenge whatever they could and i noticed the nest had been ruined, eggs were destroyed. something caught my eye in a small remnent of the nest. Hanging, barely holding on was one tiny finch egg. I got a chair and grabbed it and i was amazed to see it still there because there was no bottom to this portion of nest, by some fluke it was cradled in what was left. the parents have moved on and never came back around for a few days, now they are looking like they will nest in the trees. So.....i have this egg...which is about 5 days old and growth inside the egg is apparent. I have hand raised robins just hatched..within 2 hours of hatching, i even hand raised a dove when it was brought to me injured. i have my fingers crossed for this little one.