Monday, May 19, 2008

Lurking Dinosaurs

This has progressing for the last couple weeks, but tonight just topped it all! Jaycob has been becoming more and more afraid of dinosaurs. We don't know what caused this fear or how to fix it, but I think its here to stay for a while.

During the daytime he's fine with the blinds being open, but come night time its a whole other story. If its night time or overcast he won't go into a room unless the blinds are closed. He says that "the dinosaurs are hiding in the trees, looking at me". This goes for all rooms, except the living room, and its especially bad for downstairs.

Well anyway... Tonight he refused to go in his room before bed. He wanted to stay in the hallway. After going up there a dozen times and getting him to go in his room, only for him to come right back out, he told us that he wanted a curtain up so the dinosaurs couldn't look THROUGH the blinds at him!! What so now these dinosaurs have x-ray vision too??

We put a sheet over his window and he was more then happy to go in there and within 10 minutes he was passed out!!

Where this fear came from? We have no idea. What continues to make it worse? Who knows!

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