Friday, May 16, 2008

Somewhere New

Well, today we went somewhere nice and new! On the way there we crossed a RR track and noticed a train coming so we turned around so Jaycob (and Abygail) could see a real live train. I think he was actually quite shocked at how big, fast, and loud a real train is!!
Once at our fun destination the kids had a blast!! These cars were a huge hit! I think they all took turns pushing and riding.

At some point Abygail discovered this room with dress-up clothes. She's never really had real outfits to put on before so she had a blast with this! These are all her choices as outfits!
After a bit of the cars and dress-up the kids went shopping!! Both the kids loved this cash register. I guess we'll have to invest into one of these!
Then came a ride, dinner, and a show!
A bit of creative exercise! They pulled these stools from the other end of the room, lined them up, decided to walk across them!!
Of course being the older brother, Jaycob had to cause trouble of some sort or another. As Abygail was walking across them Jaycob pushed them out of her way. But then it was all fun and games after that!!

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