Thursday, July 24, 2008

Playgroup at the Pool

This is the first playgroup at the pool we've gone to this summer. The kids were quite timid around the water, but they eventually warmed up! Jaycob a bit sooner then Abygail. Abygail did it in true toddler fashion, was ready to swim like a fish and really get into right before we had to go!!
Maddy and Jaycob were sitting side by side and by the time I pulled the camera out Maddy was ready to go out again!

Of course soon as she seen me take a picture of Jaycob she came and sat right back down by him!


  1. What's up with having pictures of Maddy but NONE of Aby?

  2. Wow, Jaycob looks so much like his older sister in that picture!! That pool looks likes fun!

  3. Sorry Mom! 1)Aby didn't go near the water until 10 minutes before leaving. 2)By that point the batteries in Aspen's camera had died!
    Sorry to disappoint!