Tuesday, July 01, 2008

All About Me Game

Open up your internet browser and do Google searches as outlined below, only use YOUR name instead of mine. Type in the following and choose the first item that comes up!

1) Melanie needs: To accept that no one is self-sufficient all the time.
2) Melanie looks like: The psychological child that she is ... (from an Alfred Hitchcock site)
3) Melanie does: The Cha Cha Slide! (I do?? Didn't know I could dance!)
4) Melanie hates: Ian (I don't know one, but I guess I hate him!)
5) Melanie goes: Home (From another book)
6) Melanie loves: Tommy (Don't know one of these either)
7) Melanie eats: A 17 year cicada (This one is a bug!!)
8) Melanie has: Been awarded two gold albums (Not to sound greedy, but I could sure use the money associated with this one! LoL)
9) Melanie died: In a plane crash of the Crossair Flight 3597 near Bassersdorf by Zurich in Switzerland. (Well hopefully I was on my way back from a vacation!)
10) Melanie will: Be featured on Triple J's next crop on Friday 25th November, also another tour on the way. (Back the 2 gold albums!)

Wow that was fun! I'll try to get back to real blogging here soon!

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