Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dreams, Nightmares, & Night Terrors

Jaycob has all of thee above and each is talked about differently.

Night Terrors: Well, obviously in true night terror fashion Jaycob doesn't remember them at all. He does have them a couple times a month. We'll have two in one week, none the next, two the following week, and none the last week. This seems to be the pattern we deal with. His night terrors consist of plenty of screaming, crying, standing up in bed and the likes. We usually just try to get him to calm down. We know 'they' say that you're not supposed to interfere and we really try not to, but when you see your baby in that state its really hard sometimes. When its done and over with he's usually back to peacefully snoring before his head ever reaches the pillow.

Dreams: He usually wakes up and just tells us this off the wall story that we're really not sure if he just made it up or if it was actually a dream.

Nightmares: Like last night... In the middle of the night we get the screaming and terrified look, kinda like the Night terrors but he's aware. Last night he was afraid of something (something eating and or biting him) and neither one of us could pin it down. I eventually just sat with him until he calmed down/ passed back out. Fast froward to this morning and I get this story...

"A snake was eating me. He went like this with his tongue (he sticks out his tongue). And he eats me all up!" "There a frog and he goes like this with his tongue (again the tongue sticking out), but he didn't eat me! Frog eats bugs! (As he's rubbing his belly) Turtle was dreaming too. He didn't eat me (vigorous head shaking no). He out of his shell like this. (Severe neck stretching) He eats grass. Snake eat me all up!! (dramatic chomp chomp hands)"

Somewhere in there I had asked him if this was his dream last night. And his answer was, "Yeah, I scared. The snake eat me all up!" and the story continued!

I hate to say that I actually enjoy his nightmares, because I don't at all. What I enjoy is the actual conversation and insight into his mind the next morning.

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