Sunday, July 20, 2008

While the Cats away....

The mice will play!

Or is that the kids and daddy?!? I left for the night for a much needed mommy break. When I came back I took my stuff upstairs and noticed Daddy's pillows weren't on our bed. I immediately started feeling bad that he most likely ended up spending the night in one of the kids beds. As I continued to pick up and put stuff where it belonged I realized the kids pillows weren't on their beds either.... Of course I thought of the worse. "Great, Daddy had a rough night and had to do pee-pee laundry on top of it!" So I go to ask him what happened and if his night was really as bad as it seemed. Nope! I head down the stairs and there is a full size 4 person tent set up in the playroom!! Yeah! It really did surprise me!
I guess I know where all the pillows went! After talking to Daddy I found out that soon after I left they had dinner, put up the tent, and got ready for bed. Daddy told them that after they fell asleep he would move them into the tent and they could sleep there! So they happily went off to bed and Daddy did just what he said he would do. And they all slept in the tent last night!
Isn't he the coolest Daddy ever!

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