Friday, March 16, 2007

About Today

We've been trying to get Jaycob to tell Bryan about his day. This was today's dialog.
Note: Jaycob first starting calling Kaylee 'Kay-Kay', but for some reason changed it to 'Yeaaah-Yeaaah'. Who knows why?

Mommy: "Jaycob, did you tell Daddy who we went and seen today?"

Daddy: "Jaycob, who did you see today?"

Looks at me and asked who...

Daddy: "Jaycob, did you go and see Kaylee today?"

Jaycob shakes his head non-chalantly.

Then looks at Bryan and you can see the question actually registers. He starts flapping his arms and gets all excited!

Jaycob: "Yeaaaah- Yeaaah truck!"

Mommy: "Yes, we seen Kaylee's truck"

Jaycob: "Bye, bye Yeaaah- Yeaaah!"

Daddy: "You went and seen Kaylee today?"

Jaycob: "Yeaaah- Yeaaah dahdy?"

Daddy: "You seen Kaylee's daddy too?"

Jaycob shakes head excitedly!
Jaycob: "Yeaaah- Yeaaah mama?"

Daddy: "Yep you seen Kaylee's mommy too"

Jaycob once again shakes head excitedly.
Jaycob: "Yeaaah- Yeaaah, Yeaaah- Yeaaah!"

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