Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bit of Conversation

I just went up to get laundry and the following is what I heard coming from Jaycob's room:

Jaycob: "Yeanh-Yeanh" (this is Kaylee, he keeps changing the way he says her name!)

Jaycob2: "Yeanh-Yeanh. No! Yeanh-Yeanh"

Jaycob: "Truck? Yeanh-Yeanh. Mommy"

Jaycob2: "No no no! Yeanh-Yeanh daddy truck!"

Jaycob: "Yeanh-Yeanh truck mommy!!!

Jaycob2: "Yeanh-Yeanh weeeeeeee" (Weeee is what Jaycob calls the slide or swings depending on context)

Jaycob: "Truck Yeanh-Yeanh weeeeee"

This is where I had to leave for fear of laughing so hard that I might disturb him!! This whole conversation was like he was fighting with himself. Except the very last line was agreeing with himself... It was all too funny. I guess you loose something of it without the inflection in his voice, but I had to record it more for me then all of you!!

After dinner we went to the park with Kaylee and her parents... This is what must have prompted this bit of conversation!!

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