Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Again & Moron Monday

First off... Business... Go tell your moronic story over at Rachel's... Go... Now!!

We did go to the library this morning. I was quite a bit leery after last week's episode, but we went anyways! You'll never guess who showed up... Kaylee and her mommy! Kaylee's wonderful mommy remembered me saying at some point that we're usually at the library on Monday mornings so she brought Kaylee up!! Jaycob actually recognized her. He followed her with his eyes and at the same time ignored her, you know how guys are!! Whenever Kaylee danced during story time Jaycob just had to tell me about, it was all too funny!

After story time Kaylee and her mommy decided they were going to go to the park. I decided we were going to tag along. We tagged right along to park that we haven't been to before!! Just as close as the other one we go to, but in my opinion better!! Thanks Melissa for showing us that park!!!

The kids had a blast! Jaycob did get in trouble for throwing wood chips. Both liked the swings, though I wish they had more. Abygail loved climbing up and down the steps way up high. And Jaycob did find a slide he was comfortable with and went down it by himself quite a few times! Oh and me... I liked going to the park and having someone to talk to other then a 1 and 2 year old!!! Another mommy.. Oh it was great! There might even be a repeat performance tomorrow!!

Anyway... They're both in bed and sound asleep... I think I may just do the same!!

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  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Do you think Kaylee might remind him of Elianna with the darker hair and big brown eyes. That might be why he took to her easier as a friend.