Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yep, Its That Time of Year Again...

Ok or at least that's what it feels like! I'm talking about moving! Daddy and I have moved about a zillion times since we've been together. Lets see... There was...

Pembroke Squares Apartments in Va. Bch
Mariner's Cove Apartments in Va. Bch
Saville Garden Way in Va. Bch.
Our house in Chesapeake
Here on base

And now we're in the middle of moving off base! Yeah so that's a move every year we've been together! This will be the 4th house that Jaycob has lived in and the 3rd for Abygail. I feel bad for my kids in a way. Yeah we're a military family but only one of these moves were because of being transferred by the Navy! Our needs and budget has continually changed so we've moved to accommodate our growing family and such! Like I said I feel bad, but ya know they don't remember all the other houses. Its not like we're making them switch schools every year... Right??

PS. I also have to blog all of last week, but I probably won't get to that until we move! Lots of back dating again!! {sigh}
Update: Guess there wasn't as much to blog as I thought... I'm all caught up!


  1. Hey, now we can come visit!

  2. Okay, I know you're busy moving and all... but are you EVER going to come back to our happy little blogosphere here?