Saturday, July 21, 2007

First Media Exposure

Yay! I'm so excited!!

Remember I barely made a mention that we went to a family fun night?? Well , we were told there was a chance that Jaycob(and Kaylee and Maddy) might make the paper. We looked in last weekends paper and didn't see them or even an article to mark the event, so we just figured that was that!

Lo and behold!!! This week I open the paper to see this....

Jaycob and Kaylee getting into the moon bounce!

They were just holding on and bouncing!!

Maddy here really didn't want anything to do with these princesses. I think out of 3 of us taking pictures this is the best one!


  1. Ashlee11:19 AM

    Who could resist printing those cute little faces? Congrats to the kids on their newly found fame. :)

  2. They even spelled Jaycob's name right!!!