Thursday, December 20, 2007

Playgroup Holiday Party

Thursday playgroup holiday party was today. Lots of food, lots of space to run, lots of kids, and a Santa... What more could you ask for??

Once again Abygail was more then willing to climb up into Santa's lap. Santa's all time question "What do you want for Christmas this year?" was answered with a very clear and very loud "Candy!!!". That's my girl!

And Jaycob took some convincing to even stand up there next to Santa and even a little bribing with the goodie bag! Though as you can see in the first picture he was more then willing to show Santa that he got his bag!!


  1. Love Aby's Outfit!
    She looks so cute!

  2. We took Elianna to the mall and some guy working there asked her, "Have you come to see Santa?" Elianna informed him, "No, Santa is a scary monster." Maybe she and Jaycob know something we don't know!?!?