Thursday, December 13, 2007

Party Fun

Tonight we went to Daddy's company party. There were too many people there and not enough space. The kids had fun while we were waiting for Santa to show up. (at this point there wasn't anyone here yet, but the room filled up pretty quickly!)

Santa came in on a fire truck. Jaycob was more thrilled with the lights on the fire truck then anything else! He thought that was pretty cool. Abygail seemed oblivious to it all; the lights, the trucks, Santa, and elfs!

They ended up calling the children's names as presents were pulled from Santa's stash. Ours were one of the last in the pile, so while we waited our turn we went in the 'bubble room'. Jaycob and Abygail weren't really heavy enough to pop the bubbles just by walking on them.

But Jaycob did eventually figure out he could pop them if he stepped on it with his shoe and then popped the bubble with his finger!

There was another room with crafts and the likes. We didn't end up doing any crafts, but they did have two whole tables and a wall covered in paper for you to draw on... The kids LOVED this! Here is Jaycob's idea of a snowman. See his eyes and mouth?? And here's Abygail concentrating so hard at coloring!

Both of them coloring on the wall... Which by the way they thought was the coooooolest thing in the whole wide world! Jaycob kept asking, "coloring on wall?" and Abygail giggled the whole time!

Finally it was our turn with Santa! Abygail's name was called, we told her to go up there, and she ran right up and sat in Santa's lap!! I would have never guessed she would be so willing to do that!! Jaycob on the other hand... Well, he wouldn't even give Santa a second look, but gladly took his present from the elf helper (AKA Daddy's co-worker).

Both sat down to open their presents and Abygail loved her movie and wanted me to take a picture.... So here you go, baby!

All in all we had fun. Ate some pizza and way too much cupcakes, cookies, and such!

Afterwards, Daddy (and some others) were in charge of cleaning up. I think the kids had just as much fun running around as the room slowly cleared out while we took down tables and chairs!

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  1. Hopefully they won't try the wall coloring when they get home!