Wednesday, December 05, 2007

First Snow

Ok so we got our first snow for this year! The kids were so excited!! Jaycob kept saying, "Cold clouds, no sun!" I tried telling him SNOW clouds, but hey.....

11:20 AM

11:30 AM

11:50 AM

Finally there was enough snow on the ground that I decided to get the kids all bundled up and take them out! Neither one of them knew what to do at first, but I edged them off the porch and got them playing! One of the first things Jaycob wanted was his car though. I don't know what gave him the idea to want to run his car through the snow, but he didn't want to do anything else until he could make tracks in the snow!

Abygail wouldn't go down the slide until Jaycob did and then when she did go down she was quite upset to find out that her pants got cold and wet! Like the good mother I am I told her to suck it up!! We ended up around back and I showed the kids how to make a snowball! As you can see she was thrilled about this!

Jaycob ended up being a pro at making snowballs. He started making snowballs and throwing them at the door where Oreo was standing looking at us! Abygail loved packing the bucket full of snow and making snow castles, which Jaycob would then promptly run over and smash to smithereens. They both thought this was quite hilarious!

I, of course, couldn't help but to make two little snowmen of my own! Jaycob got it in his head that it would be funny to throw snowballs at my snowmen. So I ended up making him his own 'target' snowman on one of the other porch rails!

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  1. Elianna was also very excited when we got our first snow, but her lazy mom was so busy complaing about the cold she forgot to take any pictures...