Saturday, December 08, 2007

Lights at the Gardens

We went to the gardens to see the holiday lights. You paid $5 a car and could go through as many times as you wanted. We went through twice this night! I would say we'll end up going at least two more times this season. The kids LOVED it! Each section was in a certain theme. We had the winter wonderland theme filled with icebergs, polar bears, penguins, sled dogs and the the such. I didn't get any pictures of that.
There was a fantasy/ magical theme and jungle safari theme.

There was a circus theme and thee coolest underwater theme I've ever seen, though I didn't get any good pictures of that this time :(

Jaycob loved this rainbow so I ended up taking more pictures of it then anything else!

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  1. That looks so cool!!! Elianna would love this - she is SO into Christmas lights. I'll have to find something in our area...