Sunday, April 15, 2007

Marigolds Day 3... 1:30 pm

On Thursday Older Sister, Jaycob, and I went to an activity here on base. We were supposed to be planting flowers outside and then bringing home a plant. But it ended up raining really hard the night before, so they ended up holding it indoors. We got to paint these little plastic pots, fill it with dirt, plant the seeds and water them. Jaycob had a blast painting his pot. By the time we got to the fill it with dirt part he was getting bored though and did a lot of dump and fill while he waited!!

This is Jaycob's plant! There's only one little sprout in there right now.

These are Older Sister's plants. Last night she had none compared to Jaycob's one, but this afternoon she had THREE sprouts!!!

And this is my little sprout!

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