Friday, April 20, 2007

New Prize Possession

I bought a book shelf for Jaycob yesterday. I figured he has so many books on the floor up in his room and he hasn't destroyed a book in SOOOOO long that it was time to get him a shelf of his own!!

For some odd reason I decided to put it together 30 minutes before bedtime. The kids thought it was all so funny and didn't even want snack. When I got it put together and stood it up Jaycob just started screaming "Book, book, book". He was beyond excited!! He got quite upset as Daddy started carrying it up the stairs. We had to let him see where Daddy put the shelf instead, then he got way excited!! Beyond excited!! We let him check it out for a few minutes, put his 'usual' books on it, but then it was bath time.

While he was taking a bath I added a handful of books that he's never seen before. Daddy said that he was so excited about the shelf that he wouldn't even sit still and listen to his bedtime stories!!

Tonight, same thing... I added a few more books while he was in the tub. He wouldn't sit still for bedtime stories. You would think its the new books that are keeping him excited. But its NOT!! Its the shelf! Or maybe the idea of a shelf all his own??

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