Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Past Few Days

Since we've been concentrating on the whole potty thing... I really haven't written. So now I'll play catch up and fill you all in!

Friday we were supposed to go to HyperSpace with the playgroup. When we got there there were more then 5 bus loads of 6th and 7th graders!! A total of I think they said appx. 250 students... Yeah not ideal for about 10 toddlers! So we went to a nearby park for a while until the school field trip was gone.

We did finally get some time at HyperSpace!

Sunday, don't even ask me what she's doing to this poor baby!

Tuesday, there's so many pictures I want to share I'll have to post Tuesday by itself!

Wednesday (yesterday), we had a friend over to play. Abygail was not keen on sharing with 'R'! But they soon figured it out and she's back to play today!


  1. I see Jaycob's boxer briefs!!

  2. Yeah I know!! Isn't he such a big boy??? Means he's growing up. I don't like it!! NOT ONE BIT!!!

  3. I know I was SOOO sad when Elianna put on her panties for the first time. Of course, then she promptly peed in them and was back in a diaper. It was more for the experience, but seeing her prance around in a T-shirt and undies was just kind of depressing!!! They grow up so fast.

  4. Ohhh shut up!! Lol what do you know?? You still have a baby! I DON'T!!! Abygail is right behind him...