Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Marigolds Day 6... 8:20 am

Jaycob's marigold is starting to open up its leaves, but its still holding on to the seed casing. And then he also has another little sprout coming up!

Older Sister's sprouts are considerably shorter, though the two have completely opened their leaves. The third sprout, for some reason, doesn't have any leaves!!

My two sprouts are tall and leaves are fully opened. I have a third sprout opening up its leaves opening, but still holding on to the seed casing!

They're all coming along nicely! Jaycob is enjoying watching them grow. We look and talk about them every evening while I'm cooking.
Also, if anyone actually happens to know a "real, scientific" word instead of "seed casing" please let me know! I know there has to be one out there, I just can't find it!

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