Saturday, April 28, 2007

She Lost It...

Abygail lost her Mother of the Year Award! I went out tonight so this is all per Daddy's telling of the story!

Abygail asked Daddy to take the clothes of her little baby. She took it over to her sink and gave it a bath. (Daddy knew that because she kept saying, "Bath, bath, bath".) Then she asked him to take the clothes off of her big baby, took it and gave it a bath with the little baby. Nothing wrong with all that, right?? Just giving her babies a nice bath in the sink....

She then proceeded to put on her oven mitt, shoved both of them in the oven and closed the door!!!

Yep, there went Mother of the Year!!!


  1. Are you sure she wasn't cleaning them to prep them for dinner, like you do a turkey? That is TOO funny!!!

  2. Daddy and I were making the same joke this morning!!