Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just Like Oreo

Just like Oreo*... Or at least that's what we told Jaycob today. We went out for a loooooong walk and Jaycob decided he had to "dee-dee". He's been standing up to pee the last two days so I guess doing it outside was the next step??

So there we were a long way away from home, on some lonely trail, and our son had to pee... What else do you tell a little boy to do in that situation?? I guess water the grass is what most would do, but that just didn't cut it for Jaycob. Soon as we told him "just like Oreo" and sure enough he peed on the grass just like Oreo!!

He was so proud of himself and thought it was silly all at the same time!! So much that after we got back he ate, got down from his chair, and came and told me he "dee-dee out Oreo!!"

*Those who don't know, Oreo is our dog!!


  1. Wow - the image you just created for me is just too funny! You never know what the kids will come up with next...

  2. Anonymous2:54 PM

    That is so funny! I never thought about what I was going to say to my kids if we were in the same situation. But yours was good enough!!!