Wednesday, May 16, 2007

About His Day

Once again you all may not get a lot out of this without the visual, but this one is more for my memory! This is Jaycob was telling Daddy about his day playing at Kaylee's!!

Me: Jaycob you gonna tell Daddy what you did today?

Jaycob: "Yeanh-Yeanh, weeee".

Me: We went to the park and played with Kaylee?

Jaycob: Shakes head yes. "Yeanh-Yeanh truck. No car" (they got a new van instead of a truck). "Bye-bye. Yeanh-Yeanh"

Me: We left the park and went to Kaylee's?

Jaycob: Shakes head yes

Daddy: What'd you do at Kaylee's?

Jaycob: Slightly, slowly bends at the knees and says, "Weeeee Yeanh-Yeanh!"

Daddy: You went down the slide at Kaylee's?

Jaycob: Shakes head yes. Bends at knees and goes all the way down and falls on bottom saying, "Yeanh-Yeanh weeeeeee umph!"

Me: You went down the slide and landed on your butt? But where was the slide? Tell Daddy where the slide was!

Jaycob: Bends at knees puts hands down and brings them up repeatedly. "Yeanh-Yeanh!"

Me: You splashed in the water at Kaylee's in the pool?

Jaycob: Shakes head yes all excited and continues to show Daddy about how he splashed in the water!!

I got up and had to finish some sort of motherly task as the guys continued to talk. During all these motions Jaycob is babbling some unknown language that we know we should be understanding, but is one dialect off of what we know!! Lol

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