Monday, May 28, 2007

Our Memorial Day

For the holiday we went to Melissa and Kaylee's. I'm not sure if I've mentioned before or not, but Melissa's been pregnant since I've known her. Last Wednesday she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, who they named Brooke! The reason I mention this is that I knew Daddy and I would be holding and paying a bit of attention to Brooke and I was slightly worried about how Abygail would react to this!! Daddy was the first to hold Brooke and Abygail came running over kinda concerned about it all. But she was fine after that first few minutes and she really couldn't care at all if I held the baby!

The kids had a blast playing in the pool! I think Jaycob barely even came away from the the pool. We had to yell at Abygail a few times to stay away from the grill while the food was cooking. A few minor toddler disputes, but all in all the kids were very good!

For lunch we had some very yummy hamburgers, hot dogs, and all their fixings. I made a pasta salad and we had chips as well! Between the 3 kids I don't know who ate what. There was so much 'sharing' going on between them... I just have no idea who ate how much of what. But all well I know they each had a little bit of something and seemed content enough to get up and play!

We had decided to do it in the afternoon opposed to the evening due to the children's naps. Oh boy and did they let us all know they were ready for naps! We got them out of the pool, brought them inside, got them dressed and ready to go when all of a sudden Jaycob starts freaking out! We couldn't figure out what he was saying and what it was he was saying. He kept pointing outside and saying something we didn't understand. We finally figured out that he was worried about the baby! He had noticed that no one was holding her and he thought we had left her outside!! Up until this point he hadn't even really acknowledged the baby. So it was a surprise to me that all of a sudden he thought we were all being very neglectful and leaving her outside! Not to mention the fact that how does he know that is would be just wrong for us to have left the baby outside?? We promptly showed him that Brooke was inside and napping. He was fine after that!

We had the kids pass around hugs, came home, and put the kids in bed! Both Jaycob and Abygail ended up sleeping a little over 2 hours. I guess playing with Kaylee wore them out!

Thanks guys for having us over!!! We had a blast!!

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