Friday, May 04, 2007

A Run to the Post Office?

Just a quick run to the post office is all it was supposed to be, didn't even pack a diaper bag. Didn't have the kids grab their cups or anything...

We went to the P.O. I assumed that was going to be a trip within itself... I had so many boxes that I had to take them in a garbage bag!! And Jaycob still had to carry one for me (which he LOVES doing!). The trip went quick and easy and the kids were good.

The weather was beautiful and the kids were in such a good mood I thought I would drive down to the 'blue' park and let them play for about 30 minutes. Drive down there and there are about 30+ cars down there, no where to park. So I figure what the heck we'll go down to the 'green' park. No one was there!

Jaycob headed off and played by himself while I adjusted the straps in Abygail's car seat. I've been meaning to do that for over a month now! By the time I got done I walked over to Jaycob and he was more then ready to walk down to the beach. Which is a funny thought in the first place. He don't like to walk in the sand and he doesn't like the water either, but he wanted to go down there!!

As we walked down we seen a turtle and watched him for a while. The poor little guy was just out there trying to sun himself and here we come and bug him. He withdrew all in his shell and would only poke his head out from time to time. No fun really!! It took Jaycob forever to actually walk all the way down to the water and even then he stayed quite a bit back. I got him to come closer by throwing rocks into the water. Abygail eventually got into it to, but she would only throw shells??? Don't ask me!!

Finally I figured we'd spent enough time at the water and it was time to go home. I lured Jaycob back away from the water by the prospect that we could look at the turle again. Wouldn't you know that little bugger wasn't there any more! We did hear "bugs in grass" though according to Jaycob. Before we got into the van I asked Jaycob if he had to pee-pee. Yeah he sure did, but he said, "Dee-dee in grass, Momma?". There were guys working all over the place so I tried to get him to go in the potty, or even on my tire (more private). But he just INSISTED on going in the grass!! So what was I to do? Fight over something stupid like a location and have him pee his pants?? Nope, not that important to me, especially considering I didn't bring a bag!!!

On the way home we have to go over several airplane runways. Just yesterday I was mentioning to Daddy how cool it would be if Jaycob actually got to see a plane taxi-ing. Well, today he got to see that!! He was so excited. Heck I was so excited for him! "Jet, Momma, jet!" was all I heard the rest of the way home. That is until... We seen a really low flying helicopter flying circles. It went right in FRONT of the van a couple times! Then he was so excited about that!!

Box carrying, sliding, turtle watching, rock throwing, grass peeing, taxi-ing 'jet's, low flying helicopter.... A lot of excitement and all before lunch time too!! Too bad I didn't have my camera for any of it.


  1. Exciting... what part of MAryland do you live in?


  2. Woo-Hoo for ebay! (I'm assuming that's why you had so many packages..)

  3. Ohh yeah it was all eBay!! Plus your little package!!