Saturday, May 12, 2007

I Feel Like A Thief

Have you ever went garage/yard sale-ing and found such a deal on something that you felt you should offer more money for the item?? That's what happened to me today. I'm ecstatic that I got such an awesome deal, but even now, over 2 hours later I'm feeling like I should go back and give her more money!!

We seen signs yesterday advertising a yard sale in one of the communities here on base. It started at 0700... Well we all know if you want the good selection you have to go early, so I really was debating going. Since Jaycob got up at 0530 this morning I figured why not!!

I'm usually not a yard sale person (not for any particular reason other then I never want to leave the house early enough!), but here on base the circumstances of people getting rid of stuff are a bit different. When you get transferred and the military moves your stuff it has to be under a very specific weight limit. So when people are getting rid of things around here the chances are there is some good stuff they just CAN'T take with them!

Anyways.... I went and took Aby with me! She got up way too early too! The yard sale the signs were for was just one house and she had a few tables out of all girls clothing. I ended getting Abygail 3 pairs of pants, 1 skort, 1 dress, and 2 shirts for $3. So I figured that was worth the trip across base! But then the lady told me that down and across the street some other people were setting up spur of the moment like! So Abygail and I walked down there and oh my!... It looked like a flea market down there!! I really didn't find much of anything. That is except a whole large box of GeoTrax... The box was marked $1.00. I asked the lady what was a dollar, figuring she was asking a dollar a piece. She came back with, "I'm asking a dollar for the whole box".... WHAT??? I told her she was crazy, handed her a dollar, and took off before she could change her mind!! The box ended up having the WHOLE mountain bridge starter set, the train depot, 2 remote control trains and the cars to go with them. The only thing missing was the boulders and signs!! All for a mere dollar!! This is what I feel so guilty for. This set retails for $60 I think... eBay is usually about $49. plus $20 for shipping!

I sooo feel like a thief!!! Ever feel like this??

Oh and the kids were completely thrilled with my purchase!

Edited to add: Pictures!!


  1. That thing looks like fun!

    Don't feel like a theif - you'll wind up getting rid of toys that Jaycob and Aby grow out of for a little bit of nothing too - it's bound to happen. So just remember that you can pass it on to the next kid cheaply too and then maybe you won't feel so guilty! *Smiles*

  2. Wow- I never feel guilty. If anything, I get a rush from finding a great deal!!!!! But then, I've had enough yard sales where I've let things go too cheap, so I figure it all comes out in the wash...

  3. OMG! I am sooooo jealous! I'd have taken the train and run too. You want to shake these garage-sale people and say, "Haven't you heard of eBay?????" JMHO.