Friday, May 04, 2007

This Is War!!

Ok so last night we were at Target and I was looking at some yard bug spray. Daddy comes up and ask me what I'm looking at and I tell him, "Bug stuff for the yard, I think it would be good for the kids playing in the yard". He walks away mumbling something about yeah but at what cost. So I rattle of the price for the two I'm looking at and he comes back with, "I meant at what price to the environment!". We walk away from the display and the subject is dropped.

Fast forward to this morning...

Daddy gets out of the shower and discovers he has a tick on his leg. He checks me over really quick and warns me to make sure I check both the kids and the dog really well when they get up! We proceed downstairs and he says, "I guess we'll go out tonight and get some bug spray". I ask him, "What about all the environment stuff?"

He comes back with, "Well this time the environment attacked me first!!"



    Ticks are no fun. Once, when I was in the Marines, I was taking my first shower after coming out of the fied for a week, I found a tick in a baaad place.

    Not pleasant.

    Anything to keep the bugs away... as long as we leave enough for the bats.

    Gotta have bats.

  2. Oh, geez! That story is too funny!! LMAO

  3. While I see his point in avoiding a preemptive strike, I would say you all are now definitely justified in unleashing the fury of your military might to avoid further attacks. (Buy the spray and hose the little suckers to death!) Although, I'm actually a fan of the traps. But my current attacker is ants, so that explains that.