Friday, May 11, 2007

Thoughtful Evils

I'm having a hard time accepting that Jaycob is old enough, smart enough to premeditate the evils he commits!!
  • The fact that he knows Abygail is going to walk in a certain direction and set up obstacles for her to trip over....
  • He can know that she's crabby and looking for her baby and he'll go and hide it on her, knowing this will upset her and push her over the edge...
  • She'll drop a snack on the floor, go to get it, and he'll race down before her and eat it. Sending her into fits of screaming while he laughs at her...

The list goes on and on and on!

How can my child be old enough (maybe the question should be evil enough?) to think these things out??


  1. Well, my munchkin is 6 months younger and you wouldn't believe the tortures she has devised for her little sister... She tips her toy bin so that it faces away from Selah. Selah doesn't know how to turn it around, assumes her toys have vanished, and bursts into tears. Another favorite is to run up on Selah when she is not paying attention and GROOOOWWWL or SCREEEEAM loudly in her face. Selah jumps about 6 inches high, lets out a shriek and bursts into tears. A potentially dangerous one I caught her doing the other day... Selah was fussing a bit on her big blanket on the floor. Suddenly, the whimpering got muffled. I went in to discover Elianna had rolled her up in the blanket, so only the top of her head and her toes could be seen!!! Elianna was playing nearby with an indifferent look on her face. So, her dark side is developing right along with her cousin!!!! If their younger siblings survive, I'm sure they will have many evil tricks of their own. (I know my siblings eventually did.)

  2. So the Sibling Rivalry begins....

    Kelsey doesn't have any siblings here (yet), but she does stuff like that too. About a year and a half ago she had Jim's cell phone and she went in the bathroom and held it over the toilet...he asked her to PLEASE not drop it in. She looked at him, grinned and KERPLUNK - there went the phone.

    She also has a nasty habit of hiding behind doors or in closets and jumping out at people - even when we're visiting other people's houses...she may give someone aheart attack someday.

    She's not all evil though, most of the time she's a sweetie. I think it's just human nature to test your limits from time to time.