Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Egg Hatching

This morning I threw clothes on the floor and told Jaycob to get dressed. As I walk by a couple minutes later I notice he's just playing with the clothes in the spot where I left them. I tell him, "Put on your clothes." A couple more minutes go by, he's sitting on his clothes. I sit down in front of him and tell him, "Ok buddy lets get dressed so we can go bye-bye". He looks at me with a big grin, says "Nest, Mah-ma". "Oh really? Your pretending your clothes are a nest?" And I notice he did in fact make a nest shape with his clothes. Then he just barely lifts his butt up off the clothes, underneath him a rolled up barely wet diaper of Abygail's I left on the floor, and says "Oh! Oh! Oh! Egg Mah-ma egg. Broke! Egg broke!" and he's signing bird!! Me, "Oh you're sitting on an egg in a nest and it just hatched?" Vigorous head shaking ensues and he starts getting dressed! Go figure!


  1. I want to know what hatched out of Aby's diaper! ;0)

  2. This time it was a bird!

  3. What an imagination that boy has!