Sunday, May 20, 2007

Black into Green??

That is, I'm trying my hand at turning my black thumb into a green thumb! Do you think its possible? Probably not, but I'm trying anyhow!

A few weekends ago I tore everything out of my front flower bed. Earlier this week we bought some soil and bed edging/border. Today I put up the border and added the soil. So I'm trying to grow many various wild flowers, hostas, and pansies.... I'm really not counting on any of it growing, but I planted them all anyway!

This is what the bed looks like right now. Pretty but plantless!


  1. Did you notice your reflection in the window?

  2. Yes, I seen it there!

  3. You'll do great!

    I can't wait until I'm feeling better so I can get outside and plant my flower beds too. I find it to be extrememly relaxing, but right now I'm afraid I'd fall over when I get up to go to a differnt section, lol!

  4. You can't be worse than my daughter... and her plants aren't dead! (Not yet anyway!)