Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wednesday Afternoon Bath

Normally Daddy gives the kids a bath at night, before bed. But today they had one in the afternoon. There are no pictures of Jaycob... Careful potty story below the pictures!!

Story behind the afternoon bath is as follows:

I put the kids down for nap. As usual I never heard a peep from Abygail. Jaycob may have hollered once or twice, but nothing urgent. A couple hours later I went to get Jaycob up and I opened his door and you'll never guess what I found! Smack dab there in the center of the floor was Jaycob's pull-up and to the side of it a pile of poop! Oh I was mad at him. I went to get him out of his bed and was quite surprised that he was still dry! He had completely napped without peeing. I told him to stay there, I went to get wipes to clean him and the floor up and he got mad at me. Next thing I knew he's yelling at me and peeing all over his bed!! Grrrrrr.........

Ok so now he really needs a bath! And Abygail's been really patient in her crib while I'm handling all this, but what am I to do with her while giving him a bath? Give her one too. Abygail thought it was pretty funny having a bath in the afternoon like that. Jaycob however was mad at me and throwing a fit through it all! That's why there are no pictures of Jaycob, because while I snapped these ones of Aby Jaycob is standing behind me throwing a fit on the floor! Should have snapped some of him too... Just so he could see one day, show to the prom date, that sort of thing! Yeah, I'm a mean mom!


  1. Oh, you don't even know how many pictures of Selah I've taken while Elianna throws a fit or whines in the background... At least there's no sound in snapshots!!!!

  2. Wow,would you look at the farmer's tan on that girl!

  3. This story made me laugh - I needed that, thanks Melanie!