Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yet Another New Park

Went to another new park today for play group. I've drove through this one before, but had completely forgot it was here!

Abygail LOVES these climbing walls and she's actually better at getting up them then Jaycob. Shortly after this picture was taken by Valerie she had to pull Abygail off of here. Abygail was saying it was hot! That I don't doubt!

Yep! Here goes the mother of the year award again! Jaycob picked this nice sign up over by that drainage ditch you see behind him. That cave, as he called it, entertained him and Trenton (Valerie's oldest) for quite a while!

Speaking off entertaining... Our stroller kept all the kids busy at one time or another! Here we see Talen (Valerie's youngest) and Ryan sitting down. With Abygail trying to pull Ryan out and Jaycob trying to push them all!

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  1. That pic of Jaycob holding that sign is too funny. Yes, you definitely lose Mommy of the Year again. I am disqualified till about 2012 myself, so don't feel bad.