Friday, May 18, 2007

Childproof, Huh?

Abygail, all of 18.5 months old, has figured out how the child safe locks work! I guess that wouldn't be so easy for her to do if she couldn't get a hold of the key, but she DID get a hold of the key and knew exactly what to do with it! Which isn't as easy as it would be in a more updated, modern kitchen. But in our 1970 something kitchen where none of the hardware has ever been replaced and someone new has lived here approximately every 3 years.... There's a different knack for opening each and every cabinet. She still managed to get 3 out of 4 of the locks to unlock on the first try!!!

Not sure whether to be angry with her, in awe of her, cautious of her, or proud of her!?!


  1. Joanne6:21 PM

    That's one smart little girl you've got there!

  2. Just enjoy it, and teach her to use her powers for good and not evil. Well, she'll probably use them for her fair share of evil, but we parents have to at least make an effort!!!