Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Beach Fun

Today we went to the beach with a bunch of friends. I really didn't think the kids would have much to do with the water, but I was wrong! At one point I had to yell at Jaycob a couple times to come closer to the water line. And Abygail I just worried about her lack of balance and attention in the water! They both had the time of their lives though! Neither really wanted to come home, but Abygail was more then ready!

I also lost my mother of the year award again today.... The kids were wearing shorts and t-shirts... I lotioned them all up really good while we were waiting for one of the other mothers. We got down to the beach and the kids were getting so into the water that I decided to put their suits on them. In the process totally forgetting to relotion Aby in the newly exposed area of skin. Needless to say she's now my little lobster. I feel so bad!!!

Too boot I'm nice and red too! Even though I put on lotion.

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  1. I love Aby's curls - too cute. Did you put the name on the bucket? (Since Jaycob is spelled... well, Jaycob!) If so, what did you use?